Rechargeable loan to always have cash available

Need a loan that is always available?

The rechargeable loan is born from this statement


A new form of loan that is obtained for small numbers, up to 5000 euros, and of which only the part that is used is paid.

It is a form of financing that can be assimilated to a revolving credit card , which is obtained in much faster times. At most within two days. It has no investigative or management fees. It has a fixed rate that is applied only to the part of the sum that is used. Sum that is given back in the form of small monthly installments that go to replenish the initial capital. The amounts paid on our rechargeable loan are always available if we need imminent liquidity.

The contracts provide for a minimum monthly payment, indicatively equal to 30 euros per month: if the customer pays the installment regularly, the loan remains active for an indefinite period ; if, on the other hand, you decide to repay a larger share, the loan recharge process is triggered. A simple loan to get and easy to use. The sum is paid directly by bank transfer.

Leaders in the refillable sector, which increasingly pays attention to customer satisfaction. The Pim account thus becomes one of the instruments for micro-credit increasingly used by consumers in difficulty in this time of crisis. There is also the possibility of an increase in the credit line granted if the repayment of the installments is promptly and without delays that adversely affect the customer’s image with respect to the financial.

The fact that the interest payable is applied only to the used part of the credit line makes the loan rechargeable convenient and flexible, suitable for the needs of unexpected expenses or personal purchases of goods and services.

The repayment installments are also limited to a few tens of euros a month

euros money

Therefore they configure the loan as an installment purchase, with a mechanism identical to that of the revolving credit card, but without the costs and associated membership fees. We can compare our rechargeable loan with the tools made available by the finance company and find the one that best suits our needs.