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Debt consolidation. Find the right financial stability.

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With debt consolidation reduction, you can pay off the financial loans you want and have a single payment.

Loan in order to self-employed persons, professionals, seniors or employees (private, condition, public).

  • Has the number of installments improved without checking?
  • Do you fight against too many payments?
  • Is the amount of your installments no longer lasting?

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The number of installment payments increased without checking


Having too many payments as well as being inconvenient can be unseemly or can become difficult, threatening to submerge and when this happens to the credit program it becomes unreliable.

In assessing the feasibility of the debt consolidation operation or even decreasing the ongoing obligations, you will have the certainty associated with consultancy by one of the consultants.

Every situation will be carefully examined to reach its goal. Simply no fees will be charged with this advice.

Total all of your debts

Total all of your debts

Today, you have the opportunity to get yourself a free of charge calculation of the total of most your remaining debts and also to understand if it is possible to get only one installment that can be a lot more sustainable.

Playing with financial debt in an installment

Playing with financial debt in an installment

Don’t play the tightrope, lower the installment.

It is possible to access debt consolidation reduction through the products: salary project, payment delegation, and personal mortgage only in the presence associated with positive databases.

Consolidation assessment

Pansoz Loan Consolidation has an average rating of 4 out of 5 possible. In total, the service of Pansoz Stores ČR and with exactly 511 customers was evaluated.

Taking a few loans is easy, but it is much worse to pay them back. I gradually arranged several loans and at the beginning, I paid off without any problems. Over time, however, there were complications, a loss of income came and I had to start looking for a solution. Pansoz Loan Consolidation proved to be the best one I asked for directions at the store where I often shop. I am satisfied with the loan, because I do not have to watch more installments and I have everything in one, and I have saved it thanks to it.