Debt consolidation, instructions for use

Nowadays many Italians find themselves monthly to where to deal with the payments of the various periodic installments to which they are subjected for the purchase of the car , or for the sofa, or for the home loan, or for other reasons such as a trip, the purchase of a work of art, etc. In short, we find ourselves with a series of postal bulletins or bank appointments that must necessarily be supported in order to avoid being reported in the black-list.

Databases of bad payers

Ending up on the databases of bad payers is tantamount to no longer being able to make use of subsidized credit, and this means no longer being able to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase by installments .

It may happen then that coping with this sequence of appointments can become unnerving and particularly burdensome. To overcome this it is possible to transform all the previously contracted Sutpen families into a single line, renegotiating the repayment installment and / or the repayment schedule. What we hint at is nothing more than debt consolidation, a new trend in the world of consumer credit.

It allows the customer to meet with a single counterparty for all debts contracted (such as those mentioned above) with the possibility of spreading payments over time.

But when is it worthwhile to use debt consolidation?

 But when is it worthwhile to use debt consolidation?

In our opinion it proves useful when, in the presence of unforeseen circumstances, we find ourselves unable to regularly honor the agreed installments, causing problems to the financial providers who are forced to report the names in the black-lists ..

By resorting to debt consolidation, an extension of credit is obtained by accessing new resources and increasing exposure, but by taking a breath in the umpteenth temporary delay. This formula also allows the extinction and refinancing at any time with full savings of the interest on the capital that still has to be repaid

The main advantage for the funding body is customer loyalty. The requirements for access to debt consolidation vary from one company to another, but generally the fixed elements required are: a permanent employment contract; seniority of at least 12 or 24 months; the absence of protests, foreclosures or enrollment in the central credit registers.